Green Hill Cipanunjang Lake Pangalengan (Unique Spot in State Friesland in Indische)

Indonesia is very rich and beautiful. Towering mountains, vast endless green forests, beautiful lakes adorn the land, and the sea spread out wide. Because the beauty of Indonesian domestic many other countries who come to Indonesia long ago. Indonesia never colonized by any other nation for centuries because eyeing crops of Indonesia’s rich soil. Call it the Netherlands were once colonized Indonesia for 350 years or 3.5 centuries.

Until now, the Dutch in Indonesia can still be seen clearly. Start of relics administration building, house or villa Netherlands, until the old buildings still standing today. Some Dutch heritage buildings in some areas is still very well maintained. One of the unique Dutch heritage and still well maintained in the area of Bandung. There are artificial lakes Dutch attractions which has become renowned in South Bandung area. Not far away there is an ancient lake with the beautiful landscape and similar to Friesland. The place name is GREEN HILL LAKE CIPANUNJANG..


Green Hill Lake Cipanunjang

As the name suggests, this place is a hill overgrown by grass is green and is in the tourist area of Lake Cipanunjang. Because it’s this place called the Green Hill Lake Cipanunjang.

“Lake” in Sundanese means the lake, while the “Cipanunjang” means support or advocate. This is because the lake is above the lake Cileunca Cipanunjang. You could say that this Cipanunjang lake have been a sponsor of the Lake Cileunca, because water from Lake Cipanunjang flows directly into Lake Cileunca.

Green hills in the Ancient Lakes Region

Many who do not know about the existence of this Cipanunjang lake. When compared with his brother Cileunca Lake Clear Lake Cipanunjang is losing competitiveness. Cipanunjang lake is not an area of the lake Cileunca. But did you know that this is a lake of Lake Cipanunjang truth?

Cipanunjang lake is smaller in size than Cileunca lake. But Cipanunjang Lake is a natural lake that is formed by natural processes. Unlike the Cileunca lake which is a man-made lake that was formed when the first colonial era.

Cipanunjang lake is an ancient lake formed by natural processes since tens of thousands of years ago. But unfortunately, due to natural processes also make Lake Cipanunjang is getting smaller and not covering first. It could be said that this is a lake of Lake Cipanunjang original truth.


Ancient lake Simultaneously the Dutch Research Points

The beauty of this Cipanunjang lake not escape from the hands of the Dutch colonial era when the first. They know that this Cipanunjang lake has a huge potential. It was proven that this place was built a few buildings from the Netherlands. They built several buildings in this place meant as a place of research and as a place of irrigation and advocate Cileunca lake.

Unique Spot in State Friesland in Indies

Cipanunjang lake is located in the area Pangalengan, Bandung regency. Since the first Pangalengan renowned as the best milk-producing areas throughout the Dutch East Indies, and it was renowned throughout the entire world at that time. Until now, even Pangalengan there are still many dairy cattle farms. Not only famous for its milk production is abundant, Pangalengan also famous for its natural beauty incredible. Because of that Pangalengan was dubbed as the land of Friesland in the Indies.

In the area of Green Hill Lake Cipanunjang there are spots with unique building globular Dutch colonial heritage which is suitable to be photographed location. Surrounded by green grass make your picture look like being in Friesland Netherlands.



Admission Green Hill Lake Cipanunjang

Because there is no party or institution in charge of local tourism in the area of this Cipanunjang lake, visitors or tourists has not been charged an administrative fee. Maybe later when already a lot of people who know about the existence of this Cipanunjang lake, and the active participation of the community and the government in the future will be enforced ticket levy system.

Location Green Hill Lake Cipanunjang

Green Hill Lake is located in the village Cipanunjang Pulosarim, Pangalengan Bandung regency, West Java. To reach this location can be reached in two ways.

The first way is to use a private vehicle. It is advisable to use a motor vehicle, it is because the access road is not too wide and narrow. These are to be taken to the village of Pulosarim not far from the gates of Lake Cileunca Tourism. In addition to the route you can also use a motor vehicle with a previous visit Lake Cileunca Love Bridge area. Cipanunjang Green Hill Lake is located right behind the Bridge of Love colored red.

The second way is to go down in the area / ecotourism Lake Cileunca. From there you can rent a boat to get at this location.

I advise to descend on the area / ecotourism Lake Cileunca while enjoying the beauty of the lake / lake this spacious and with a boat ride to the location of the Green Hill Lake Cipanunjang.

Happy wonderful traveling ..

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