Sarasvati – Haunted Sleep

Song & Lyric : Risa Saraswati

Once upon a time, a terrible grey monster
Who lives beneath my bed
I squeeze my eyes up tight and feel so scared
Sure he was waiting to be fed
I shiver underneath my tears
With fuzzy earmuffs on my head
What should I do to escape from here
I hope somebody opens the windows wide

As he start to scratch the wood of the bed
I begin to be disturb by the sound
The wind collects making my goosebumps rise
Help me anyone I cant breath anymore
Suddenly the earth begins to quake
As something around me start to shake
All I can do just shut my eyes

I cant get to sleep, I toss and turn and flop
I try to count a sheep while they hop
I try to think of place that’s really cool
Damn my sleep isn’t fit on fool

He taps me on the shoulder.
I just don’t know what to do.

He looks at me and says,
“Can I get in with you?”

All of my fears were proven to be wrong
He was nothing more than ghost that was cute
Much like me he was alone and feel scared
He was a pitiful and pathetic thing
Now were just hiding under our quilts
Hoping for the night to hurry away
Night that was scary has turn to be fun
No longer alone with my new ghostly friend

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