Sarasvati – Graveyard

Song & Lyric: Risa Saraswati & Yura Yunita

We are the children from grave but some get over that
Count our blessing
Better than that buy a hat, buy a coat, or pet
Take up dancing

We shall not sing a sad song we could sing happy song
When the darkness comes down
We’ve seen better in the dark, we don’t need a light
All we need is here…

We’re ghost forms (of) fright
We have driven sleep from eyes away

The giant trees are bending
The storm fast decending
We don’t care just keep singing

Sleep sleep you are all sleep
Little sorrow sit and weep
Secret joys and secret smiles
Little pretty infant wiles

From your cheek and from your eyes
You’re the youthful harvest night
When your little heart awake
Then the dreadful lighting breaks

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