Sarasvati feat Cholil Mahmud (Efek Rumah Kaca) – Mirror

Song : Risa Saraswati
Lyric : Yolanda

Others may say you are blessed
When you live with a saint
No need to feel depressed
I will not faint

You are my serenity
Around pitchy voices
You are my clarity
Through dark places

Perfect dreams that we had made, in the cold it stand
Undivided that’s we are never to find end
Real visions sad but true rising in my eyes
Wide awake to face the truth make me realize

The world no longer our hopes are falling apart
Bitter sweet wounds of yours are becoming an art
Everythings going wrong when reality bites my heart
It’s the most carelessly part

Burried secrets are revealed promise turning to break
Are reflections are sealed sorrow living as a freak
Everythings going right when all fantasies change my heart
It’s the most delightful part

This is what I called a cursed
This is what I called a bliss

Think that I live in prison
Think that we live in heaven

Never wonder if this true
Always wonder if this true

I’m delusional for sure
No you are my certainty

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